Women’s Health in Primary Care is a comprehensive  module covering the health needs of female patients presenting to general practice. This is a continuous professional development module for general practitioners and practice nurse and is to equip doctors and practice nurses working in primary care with the knowledge and skills to care for female patients in all stages of life. Emphasis is placed on developing an effective system of care for all women’s health needs, which supports improved outcomes, quality of life and patient empowerment. This module will be delivered by local specialists and general practitioners with a special interest in Women’s Health. This is delivered through online distance learning and workshops. There is a particular emphasis on identification and management of women’s health concerns with the use of evidence based guidelines and support from local specialists, to improve the overall patient care in this group.

Places: 20 Places: €850 sponsorship secured for course fee.
Duration: April to June, 6 distance learning weeks, 3-4 online hours per week, with two clinical workshops.
Additional information: ICGP CPD approved, fulfills the audit requirement of the Competence Assurance Scheme.
Credits attained: 12.5 external CPD points, 30 internal CPD points, 10 personal CPD points.
Apply: www.nuigalway.ie/cpdgeneralpractice


Why study this programme?

This course will help you deliver an effective management plan based on up-to-date resources and support from multi-professional specialists for the health needs of female patients in your practice. The aim is to improve the overall care of female patients of all ages and stages of life. As part of the distance online learning you will study:

1. The Normal Menstrual Cycle and Common Menstrual Problems
2. Oral Contraception
3. Long Acting Reversible Contraception
4. Menopause, Vulvovaginal Disorders and Urinary Incontinence
5. Common Problems in Pregnancy
6. Infertility and Breast Health in Primary Care


This course will be assessed through online participation and e-tivities and an end-of-course assignment. The breakdown for this assessment is as follows:
45%: continuous assessment (e-tivities and online participation)
55%:practice-based assignment on completion of module (1,500 words)

Womens Health in Primary Care

Programme outline

This course consists of six distance learning units supported by two clinical workshop days. Each unit is delivered online (detailed above), lasting 1-2 weeks. Each unit is tutored by a designated specialist. The workshops are again specialist led and a key component of each workshop are case based discussions. These workshops take place on the main campus of NUI Galway.
The workshops include:

Long Acting Reversible Contraception, Counselling, Fitting and Removal
Management of Menopause
Domestic Violence Against Women
Female Urinary Incontinence

Employment and career opportunities

Women’s health needs are now well recognised to be an integral part of the continuous care offered in Irish General Practice throughout all life stages of the female patient. Offering a comprehensive range of care to female patients enhances any practice and leads to better patient satisfaction. This course has the main focus of upskilling the general practitioner and practice nurses working with female patients, in order to deliver an effective management plan and in turn, improve patient care and outcomes.

This focus of the course has led to significant advances in practice for those that have already completed this course, including early diagnosis of female health conditions, opportunistic screening, effective management plans, patient education and empowerment and use of  appropriate pathways referrals.  Support from local specialists in Women’s Health throughout this course also establishes a good link between the General Practitioner, the Practice Nurse and Secondary Care. This course is fully accredited for CPD and includes the CPD requirement for an audit.

• Enquiries to Course Director: Dr. Eva Flynn
• e: [email protected]
• t: +353 91 493699