Diabetes in Primary Care has been designed to equip general practitioners and practice nurses with the knowledge and skills to manage Diabetes effectively. Emphasis is placed on developing a structured system of care, which supports patients in successfully managing their diabetes and lifestyle. This module is delivered by local specialists in diabetic care through online distance learning and two workshops. Our aim for this course is to deliver excellence in diabetic care in the community. Graduates prove to be competent in delivering a comprehensive management plan for their diabetic patients and improve the overall care of this patient group.

Places: 20 Places: €850 sponsorship secured for course fee.
Duration: January – March, 11 distance learning weeks, approx 3-4 online hours per week, with two clinical workshops.
Additional information: ICGP CPD approved, and fulfills the audit requirement of the Competence Assurance Scheme.
Credits attained: 12.5 external CPD points (two workshops), 30 internal CPD points, 10 personal CPD points.
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Why study this course?

This course will help you deliver an effective management plan based on uptodate resources and support from multi-professional specialists for the diabetic patient group in your practice. By developing an effective management plan with the help of this course, the aim is to improve the overall patient care of this expanding patient group. As part of the distance online learning you will study:

1. Diagnosis of diabetes
2. Diabetes control & monitoring; self-management education
3. Structured diabetes care
4. Lifestyle modification
5. Therapeutics of diabetes part 1: Glucose-lowering agents
6. Therapeutics of diabetes part 2: Insulin
7. Acute complications of diabetes; driving and travel
8. Preventing cardiovascular disease in diabetes
9. Preventing diabetic eye, kidney and foot disease
10. Diabetes and pregnancy.

Employment and career opportunities

With the introduction of the Diabetes Cycle of Care Contract, the burden of chronic disease management is starting to be recognized and remunerated in General Practice. This course has the main focus of upskilling the general practitioners and nurses in this area, in order to deliver an effective management plan for this patient group and in turn, improve diabetic patient care.

The focus of the course has led to significant advances in practice in how participants deliver their care to their diabetic patient group in primary care. Such advances include the development of a diabetic register and a recall system, use of in-practice diabetic clinics and the use of audit to monitor and improve care. Support from local specialists in Diabetes care in this course also establishes a good link between the General Practitioner, the Practice Nurse and Secondary Care. This course is fully accredited for CPD and also includes the CPD requirement for an audit.

Course outline

This course consists of ten distance learning units supported by two clinical workshop days. Each unit is delivered online (detailed above), lasting 1-2 weeks and is tutored by a designated specialist. The workshops are again specialist led and a key component of each workshop are case based discussions. These workshops take place on campus at NUI Galway during the course term.
The workshops include:

 Lifestyle and Diabetes
 The Diabetic Foot
 Therapeutics in Diabetes, Monitoring Devices
 Blood Pressure Management, Diabetic Emergencies, Insulin and Pumps
 Behaviour Change in Chronic Diseases

This course will be assessed through online participation and e-tivities and an end-of-course assignment. The breakdown for this assessment is as follow:

• 45%: continuous assessment (e-tivities and online participation)
• 55%: practice-based assignment on completion of module (1,500 words)

Diabetes in Primary Care

Student Profile

Dr. Dearbhla Fadden, General Practitioner, Gort Medical Centre, Co. Galway.

“I can thoroughly recommend the Diabetes in Primary Care Course. There have been so many changes in the management of diabetes in recent years I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and confused by it all. The Diabetes in Primary Care course clarified all this for me. It was extremely informative, interesting and current, with all the most recent evidence based medicine relevant to diabetes care outlined. I especially liked that all aspects of Diabetes Care was covered in detail such as diet, exercise, self-management, medical care, diabetes in pregnancy, driving related issues etc. This gave the course a very holistic feel which is exactly what is needed in General Practice. I also enjoyed the way the course was delivered via Blackboard Learn NUI Galway. This was a whole new learning experience for me. I liked the pace of the course with new learning material each week and specific ‘E-tivities’ that were posted online and allowed for lively interaction between others participating in the course and the tutors delivering each unit/module. The activities represented accurately the many different case scenarios faced in primary care for those delivering diabetic care. The course allowed time for personal reflection on ones current management of such cases and then comparison with current guidelines/ best practice could be made. I can honestly say I feel much more confident in dealing with all aspects of diabetes care and the course has given me a more in-depth understanding of the everyday challenges faced by patients with diabetes and indeed all other chronic illnesses. This course should be a must for all GPs.”

Enquiries to Course Director: Dr. Eva Flynn
•  e: [email protected]
•  t: +353 91 493699